Welcome to Royal Concrete & Mosaic Works

Royal Concrete and Mosaic Works has been involved in the manufacture, sales and installation of concrete works for the last 50 years. We, at Royal Concrete and Mosaic Works create innovative design solutions from the world’s most sustainable, and flexible materials. Concrete is omnipresent, each year billions of tons of concrete are transformed from fundamental matter to our world’s most enduring artwork, buildings, highways and decorative architectural creations. The list goes on. The Romans invented cement-based concrete more than 2000 years ago and used it to build architectural masterpieces such as the Coliseum and Pantheon. Today, the wonders of modern technology present the opportunity to create Concrete Works which are even more dynamic, stable and colourful.

With such an extensive experience behind us, we specialize in precast structures and components including FRC 3D Capitals, FRC Articles and Moulding, RCC Grills, RCC Kerb stones, etc. The list goes on.

Our factory is located in Vakola, Santacruz, in addition to a workshop in Malavni, Malad. We can also transport our concrete creations across Mumbai and beyond the city too. With a vast manufacturing space of 16000 sq. ft, we can undertake mass production of orders.